Introducing Ellison…

Ok, so I probably win an award for world’s worst blogger. But this time we have a wonderful reason… a new baby! In March we welcomed Ellison into the world! Her birth was amazing and so very healing. The kids are all absolutely in love with her (as are Drew and I!) I’ve been taking some time to just enjoy her and the rest of the kids this summer and taking a break from business. Life with a newborn is crazy but when you add in 6 other kids life gets insane sometimes! I may be returning to offering sessions and taking small events in the future but right now I have to focus on our family. Of course no blog post is complete without some pictures, so here you go!

Family picture in Myrtle Beach

Oh my heart. 

Oldest and youngest. <3

Stretching out in mama made outfit. (If any of you are knitters, check out the TinCanKnits “Cable Me Softly” bootie pattern. Hands down the best newborn booties ever!)

Little piggies wrapped in the blanket I knit for our rainbow baby. <3

What family doesn’t get a new puppy when they have a newborn? 😀

Helping me with a commercial photo shoot


Halfway through the year already! And what a year it has been! As challenging as last year was, this year has been really wonderful. On the photography front I’ve been keeping very busy with clients and am thrilled to have my architecture work featured in a few magazines! On the family front we’ve been doing well – camping and spending a lot of time on (and in!) the water.  If you’re interested in following our crazy life, you can find us on Instagram (kim_prochazka). You’ll see lots of pictures of us on the road, knitting projects, sewing, quilting, art and planner stuff.

I hope to have time soon to actually sit down and post some real pictures and not just a quick blog post to let you know I’m still alive! 😀

9 years old!

I really can’t believe we’re celebrating the 9 year birthday of these beautiful girls! I always say that having twins absolutely was the best thing that ever happened to us. Of course having our first child totally changed us, but having 2 at once really rocked our world. When we first hear the words “here’s baby A and here’s baby B” all sorts of worries flooded our minds. How would we afford 2 babies at once? We’d need a bigger car to fit 3 car seats (our oldest was only 16 months old when the girls were born). I had struggled with preterm labor with our son, so that was even a larger worry now that I was carrying two. But somehow, everything worked out. Finances were ok, we found a car we could fit into the budget and even though the girls were early and Teagan had medical issues when she was a month old, miraculously they were fine. It was our first true lesson in faith. And somehow, having 3 children only made us want even more kids. We decided to try for another pregnancy (which I don’t think would have happened if we had *only* had 2 kids) and got twins again. That time we were confident and felt like we could handle it. And after 5, what’s another? We’ve been blessed with 7 beautiful children (6 on earth, 1 in heaven) and hope and pray we’ll be blessed again. It’s just amazing to look back and think that if these 2 lovely girls had been 1 baby instead of 1, we’d have probably stopped our family there. We would have had 1 girl and 1 boy – that’s what everyone says is a “perfect” family, right? And to think of all the wonderful moments we would have missed out on – the truly amazing souls that we’ve been chosen to bring up – it brings tears to my eyes. Everything hasn’t always been easy and our unconventional family is chaotic, busy and yes, a bit challenging at times but I wouldn’t change it for the world.