Summer 2011 ~ Maternity & Family Photography Binghamton NY

Wow – is the summer really coming to an end in a few weeks? It doesn’t seem possible! It’s been a great one- filled with lots of time spent outdoors and on the water. We’re embarking on a fantastic journey this year too – we’re starting to homeschool our kids. So even though the official summer will be over soon, we still have lots of time left for playing outside and camping. We’re really excited about it!

So with all the time spent outside, it means less time spent in front of the computer. I’ve never been as good a blogger as I want to be. I always have visions for all these great posts I’d love to write. Posts about photography. Favorite artists of mine – people who inspire me. Posts that answer some of the questions I get about photography. And most of all, posts about weddings and planning (one of my great passions!) But all of that will have to wait. One day this blog will be everything I want it to be. For now good enough will have to suffice.

I’ve had a lot of sessions this summer and have been blessed with some fantastic clients. I don’t have time to blog all of them, but here’s a few of my favorites from some recent sessions.

This first family has hired me a few times to photograph their kids and I always love working with them. They are so sweet and their kids are simply gorgeous. This particular shoot was for a hat company who was looking for some models and I knew little E would be perfect for the bear hat. He was such a good sport – putting up with that leather jacket even though it was hot out! And check out big brother B’s eyes. He’s going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up!

This is beautiful L and her big sister B. L was a couple of months old at this session and she was such a joy to shoot. Usually older babies don’t sleep during a session, but she drifted right off and we got some beautiful pictures for her parents and doting grandparents (and aunts!!)

To get a shot of both smiling was really amazing!

This is my oldest son, who was helping me get the lighting perfected in studio for high key work before my client arrived. I just love this shot of him! It’s pure Colin.

The S family I met at a wedding this year and was thrilled that they asked me to come take their family pictures! Their little boys are so adorable aren’t they? I swear, I have the best clients!!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with L and her mom quite a few times. Since she was in her mom’s belly to be precise! I always love seeing my kids grow up! I love this first picture of L especially. She reminds me of a woodland fairy.

L really loved feeding our little pony Raja. And I loved the fact that the light was so beautiful that afternoon. Can’t get much cuter than a sweet little girl feeding a little white pony.

This summer also saw us at horse shows. The girls showed for the first time and loved it! Our little cowgirls!

Daisy contacted me a few months ago and booked her maternity session. She said yoga was a very important part of her life and wanted to do some yoga maternity pictures. Of course I was all for it and we had beautiful evening light to work with.

And finally, a picture of our boys. They are 15 months old and growing like little weeds. No, we still can’t tell them apart (thank goodness they still have their necklaces on so we know who is who!) Love these little guys!

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